Learning Environment: Technical Support Program (LETS)

2012 - 2014

ASK completed the implementation of ” LETS” a 5 year long nationwide project worth 13 million dollars, for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) covering 120 schools in Jordan including 67,000 students, 6,800 teachers, 10 field directorates, parents and local community members for the goal of providing a comprehensive capacity building program that improves the overall learning environment in 120 schools across Jordan by making them more caring, healthier, safer and more engaging to enhance students’ achievement and behaviors.

ASK was responsible for the design, development and implementation of the program, which comprised professional development workshops, facilitation sessions, on-site support, coaching and mentoring for the LETS school communities, including educators, students, leadership teams, and parents. The program design and implementation focused on effective positive behavior interventions. The program enabled behavior teams, educators, and leadership teams to successfully identify negative behaviors, and have the tools, knowhow and support to create interventions to address these challenging behaviors. The program was delivered in Arabic by ASK’s qualified and certified Expert Trainers/Coaches. ASK designated 43 Expert Trainers/Coaches, who were capable of providing intensive coaching interface and training programs.

The program’s effectiveness was reflected in more positive school cultures, with safe and supportive school environments that promote pro-social values and behaviors and encourage students’ participation while actively engaging parents and the local communities to reinforce positive learning behaviors in 120 targeted schools. Overall, teachers were better equipped with the needed competencies to improve students’ behavior and academic achievement. Teachers were able to develop themselves and invest the available resources at their school to create generations of proactive students. The level of negative behavior and violence has dropped significantly where:

  • Teachers’ physical violence against students dropped almost 50% from 400 incidents 205 incidents;
  • Bullying dropped by 65% from 1916 cases to 658 cases;
  • Physical assaults by parents against teachers dropped by 90% from 265 incidents to 21 incidents;
  • Trouble making in classrooms dropped by 20% from 3520 incidents to 2802 incidents;
  • Physical assaults by students against teachers dropped by 70% from 99 incidents to 27 incidents;
  • Physical violence among students dropped by 40% from 3021 incidents to 1742 incidents;

More students have become actively engaged in their schools – 27% of all students participated in at least one extra-curricular activity; and more than half of the schools participating in the LETS program reported a drop in negative behavior.