Entrepreneurial Education Programs: TU Delft – The Netherlands


ASK implemented the “Entrepreneurial Education Programs in Partnership with Delft University of Technology – The Netherlands” which aimed to empower a diverse group of individuals to become successful entrepreneurs who can pursue their career aspirations while simultaneously create new job opportunities in their communities.

ASK led the design, development and implementation of the four Entrepreneurial Education Programs that cater to Jordan and the MENA region. The programs are:

    1. Startup Companies: to enable entrepreneurs of startup companies with the necessary entrepreneurial attitudes, skills and knowledge to run and accelerate the growth of their businesses.
    2. Educators: targeting school teachers and university professors to nurture entrepreneurial skills in their students.
    3. Corporations: supporting corporations to cultivate employees with entrepreneurial attitudes, skills and knowledge in their companies.
    4. Youth and Women: to empower youth and women to take on entrepreneurial initiatives to achieve their goals and positively serve and contribute to the economic advancement of their communities.