We bring forth an abundance of knowledge and expertise in capacity building solutions combined with the latest advancements in learning, technology and human development. Our aim is to design and develop tailored, impactful, and sustainable learning solutions which bridge the gap between education and employment through educational reform, exceeding skills demanded by the labor market in the 21st century and addressing youth and women’s challenges in the Arab region.

Professional Development Programs

ASK’s Professional Development Programs utilize the ‘Behavior Change Management’ approach which focuses on transforming Attitudes, enhancing Skills, and enriching Knowledge – enabling people to excel in their professional career, and their personal lives.

Our programs are developed in-house, by ASK’s Expert Instructional Design Team. The team is responsible for designing and developing content for our Professional Development Programs based on global best practices, and tailored specifically to meet and exceed client objectives, and the needs of their beneficiaries.

1- Continuous Education Programs (CEP):

ASK is specialized in offering authentic programs that are tailored to the specific needs of its’ clients. These programs are developed in-house by ASK dedicated instructional designers and based on the prior conduction of a comprehensive training needs assessment for each participant and the best global models of human capacity building and professional development. The CEP programs are combined with on-the-job training to ensure effectiveness and continuity of the new emerging practices targeted as the learning outcomes in each program implemented by ASK.

2- Coaching and Mentorship Programs (CMP):

ASK is specialized in transforming leaders and organizations through professional development programs, training and coaching. We are facilitators of change, using creativity, dialogue, and best practices of change leadership. We work with a unique set of processes designed to help leaders take and implement decisions with genuine support from within their teams making the maximum utilization of coaching best practices and methodologies. We introduce leaders into new ways of thinking and communication, effectively transforming their organization’s culture, business output and prosperous future. We use art, storytelling and collaboration to invoke true interaction and dialogue, thus building a shared sense of identity and community between the leaders and within the organization.

3- Knowledge Transfer and Training (KTT):

Knowledge Transfer practices and culture is a critical success factor for any organization in the current dynamics of this century. Proper and effective Knowledge Transfer not only ensure scalability and responsiveness of organizations, but It also supports Its business continuity. In the last decade, ASK has developed and implemented robust models for Knowledge Transfer and Training (KIT). Proven successful projects have demonstrated high impact and continuity of business growth and acceleration. ASK has demonstrated that when Knowledge transfer is combined and fully integrated into a clear personal professional development planning, the yield for the organization is enormous and impactful in terms of productivity, efficiency, capability, capacity and performance.

4- Certification Programs:

Through the long partnership with leading global universities ASK has introduced and implemented various certification programs. The Certified Principal and Certified Teacher Programs are an example of how ASK wants to equip principals and teachers with the tools and qualifications to develop and succeed in changing and challenging times. We empower principals and teachers to become leaders who think with clarity and act with confidence and conviction. We enable principals and teachers to better understand themselves and their responsibilities while at the same time blending the practice and theories of successful professional development. We believe ASK’s approach has a huge impact in principals and teachers training. Our goal is sustainable change in a complex – interdisciplinary and intercultural – environment.


Consulting Services

Based on an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience that ASK gained in more than a decade of implementing national and regional learning and human capacity projects across the MENA region, the consulting services department came into action in 2016. ASK today is a significant player in all consulting services related to human capital development and learning projects. Our team capability in supporting organizational development and identifying learning challenges, providing new perspectives and out of the box solutions that are based on igniting change and mobilizing all resources towards the organization common vision. Our main objective is how to make organizations more efficient and successful and enable the best utilization of existing human capital within a robust learning framework. ASK works closely with decision makers and CEO’s providing a variety of consulting services including strategy development, operations frameworks, HR solutions, e-learning transformation and career coaching.

1- E-Learning Solutions:

Technology has become an integrated part of our daily life; this include our learning needs and education journeys. ASK with its extensive and prolonged experience in capacity building and education, believes that technology is a catalyst for the learning process and is not an objective by itself. ASK developed robust models to support organizations in their learning transformation that utilize the latest technologies and resources. ASK works closely with decision makers in designing the most effective learning framework as well supporting the implementation of such framework.

ASK has developed well-rounded e-learning best practices and implemented various solutions to wide range of clients and organizations in the MENA region with significant success and impact. ASK e-learning solutions focus on the central role of the learner in this learning process and the imperative need to ensure that the learner is fully engaged and committed to this process. ASK ensures in its’ offered services that the latest applicable learning technologies are integrated into a cost-effective operational models that can scale to masses and yield the targeted results and learning objectives.

2- Monitoring and Evaluation Solutions:

ASK’s Monitoring and Evaluation solutions track the progress and assess the impact and effectiveness of implemented solutions by offering a wide range of M&E services. ASK supports in defining the main terms and concepts associated with the processes of M&E in our client’s projects with articulation of effective M&E approaches and prioritizing according to their context. The M&E and data collection tools are selected to be suitable and proven for the Arab region, also we develop indicators, approaches and methods to M&E, tailored to the needs of our clients. ASK provides an effective and purposeful reporting systems ensuring that the implemented M&E system lead to organizational learning.

3- Project Management & Advice:

ASK has gained significant experience in project management in large-scale educational projects. ASK offers this hands-on experience to organizations that are looking for an educational world-class experts that can support their learning transformation processes. ASK offers these services in a comprehensive model from conceptualization to completion and it covers the full spectrum of project management from conception/ initiation, planning, executing, control, performance/ monitoring and closure. ASK‘s team of project managers, experts and advisors brings tens of years of experience In project management best practices such as PMI to ensure Quality as well as Scope, Timeline and Budget controls are maintained through the execution of the project.

4- Curriculum Design & Development:

ASK is expert in designing and developing innovative learning and professional development curricula and content. ASK always ensure that proven international best practices and cultural realities are fully integrated and customized to the MENA region needs, while taking into consideration the preferred language. ASK follows the ADDIE Model in developing the content for any professional development program. This Model incorporates five stages, which include: Analysis (existing documents and needs), Design (Program Outline and Approach), Development (Content for Training workshops and Follow-Up), Implementation (by highly experienced and qualified Expert Trainers), and Evaluation (regular assessment and modification of approach).