ASK is a social enterprise, with a unique Arabic DNA, dedicated to the provision of human capacity building solutions across the Arab region. ASK’s tailored and comprehensive turnkey services include Consulting services, Professional Development Programs as well as Monitoring and Evaluation systems. ASK possesses strong credentials and track record in supporting organizational development and digital learning transformation.

At ASK, we believe that education and human capital are the foundations to building a better society. We exist to find innovative and tailored solutions that will create a better tomorrow for our societies and the MENA region as a whole. It’s our name and what we ultimately stand for – we transform ATTITUDES, develop SKILLS, and enrich KNOWLEDGE.


To enable individuals to lead a fulfilling life and contribute to their communities through transforming their Attitudes, developing their Skills and enriching their Knowledge.


Where human capital innovates the future.


We believe that the investment in human capital is the vehicle to sustainable economic and social prosperity. With the urgent need to cater to the growing number of youth in the region, and carry out reform interventions in education, workforce development and civic participation, we at ASK are working towards ultimately empowering Arab youth and equipping them with the needed Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge to become proactive critical thinkers, decision makers and above all knowledge workers.

Our Story

ASK Arabia was founded in 2011 with less than ten employees. Within its first two years of operations, ASK’s staff grew to more than 90 employees, implementing nationwide and regional human capacity building projects. These projects are contributing to education reform in Jordan, and the MENA region, enhancing the employability skills of professionals and entrepreneurs, and advancing the role of women and youth as leaders and positive contributors in the Arab world.

ASK and through its unique journey of implementing wide range of learning projects and interacting with various stakeholders was able to advise and provide specialized value added services related to the most effective learning strategies and enhancement of corporate structures as well as recommending the appropriate level of technology utilization and integration. ASK today is fully capable of guiding and advising decision makers in transforming their organizations learning experience including but not limited to overall learning strategy, competency mapping, sourcing/outsourcing strategy, onboarding/orientation strategy development. ASK has developed well-rounded e-learning best practices and implemented various solutions to wide range of clients and organizations in the MENA region with significant successes and impact.


“Having a vision for the future of our youth is what will ultimately empower a better tomorrow.” Amin Amin, Ph.D

Our world is moving full speed ahead, and our role is to not only keep up with the changes, but to get ahead of them.

Nobody could have imagined the impact technology was going to have on our lives. It has not only changed the way we interact, but it has also advanced the way we learn.

Unfortunately, our learning systems are falling behind. It has yet to be redesigned in order to produce the competencies needed for our labor market. The recent lockdowns and the Corona virus global impact stressed the current learning systems and demonstrated their obvious shortcomings and challenges.

Our educational system and human capital industry are moving at a slower pace than the new reality created by today’s technology. An innovative approach to our educational system and human capital industry is needed in order to advance learning methods and job lead opportunities.

The ones most affected by this gap, are our youth. There is an increasing disappointment and dissatisfaction, especially among youth in the MENA region, (youth percentage of the total population in the MENA region is one of the highest in the world).

At ASK, we believe that every youth should have access to better education, and decent jobs. We have committed ourselves to dedicate all our efforts, knowledge, and passion to solving this enormous challenge. We believe that through true devotion and sufficient resources we can ‘Ignite the Change’ that is so desperately needed.

We live in a world where our resources are scarce, our skills are outdated, our knowledge is limited, and most importantly our attitude is hindering our progress.. COVID-19 pandemic made these limitations even more apparent and crystalized their impact on the unprivileged categories of our societies. This is all about to change as the urgency has hit our region, our constitutions, and most importantly, our homes

We realize that there is a huge need for reform in basic and higher education that matches today’s technological advancements. We simply need to rise to the demands of today’s labor market by creating highly competent and knowledgeable workers.

It is a ‘Go Big or Go Home’ attitude that we must adopt to ‘Ignite the Change’. We must go big on transforming Attitudes, go big on advancing Skills, and go big on enriching Knowledge in order to ‘Ignite the Change’. And solve the challenge we are currently faced with. This is the basis of ASK’s mode of operation.

At ASK, we truly believe we are well on our way to achieving our goals. As a pioneer capacity builder in the region, bridging the gap between the world of education and the world of employment is at the core of ASK’s innovative approach in providing capacity building solutions.

Investment in education MUST ultimately lead individuals to become self -sufficient learners, critical thinkers, decision makers, and above all productive and proactive citizens, thus optimizing their personal and professional growth to ensure a better quality of life.

We achieve our goal by building sustainable capacity building solutions that foster a deep, long-lasting, and positive impact on individuals, their work environments, and communities. Our substantial experience in such solutions enables us to develop culturally sensitive solutions, tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.

I encourage you to ‘Ignite the Change’ with us by supporting education reform, and learning more about ASK.

Dr. Amin Amin, ASK Arabia President and CEO