We base our offered solutions on global best practices tailored to the Arab culture and language. Our philosophy in designing and conducting any professional development program is based on the “Behavior Change Management” approach which focuses on empowering individuals on three levels simultaneously; by transforming their Attitudes, developing their Skills and enriching their Knowledge.

Our beneficiaries are at the heart of our mission and at every step. Their needs, language, culture and goals play an integral role in determining the way in which our highly experienced team designs, develops, implements and assesses nationwide human capacity building solutions. Accordingly, what makes ASK unique are the following:

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Culturally Sensitive

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Arabic Content

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International Partners

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Behavior Change (A-S-K)

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On-the-Job Training

Our Concept: A-S-K

ASK’s didactic concept is tailored to the positive change Attitudes (A), the 21st century Skills (S) and state-of-art Knowledge (K).

Our tailored products, change leadership approach, and on-job support enable our clients to acquire the necessary attitude shift, which are the foundation of their future professional development and life-long-learning path.

Our Approach

We apply an innovative constructivist approach that delivers real results. Our learning design focuses on educating “self-directed, creative, critical thinkers and innovative leaders”. We provide a number of opportunities to involve participants actively. The responsibility of learning increasingly resides with the participant, and our facilitators mentor the learners during their active exploration of a given issue. We consider technology as a powerful resource for any learning process that must be effectively utilized to ensure the most effective outcomes.

We aspire to build a learning community through numerous interactions between participants and facilitator(s) that are committed to achieving shared learning objectives. We apply the concept of providing opportunities to practice skills, knowledge sharing, and critical thinking; discussions are encouraged for the expression of independent thought, and being exposed to new ideas and differing perspectives from others.

These exercises in active learning also include role-playing and engagement in case studies; participants are expected to develop effective competences for problem solving and collaboration; and we promote their commitment and intrinsic motivation.