Education Reform Support Program (ERSP): Ministry Of Education ‘The Schools of Tomorrow’ Project

2011 - 2014

ASK successfully concluded the implementation of “The Schools of Tomorrow” Program for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) covering 27 schools in Jordan, 11,000 students, 1,120 faculty members, parents, and local community members for the goal of providing a comprehensive capacity building program to enable school community members to effectively utilize the available modern facilities, advanced resources and technology in 27 national role model public schools, in order to improve the overall learning environments and enhance students’ achievements.

A total of USD 199 million was invested to build the physical infrastructure of these 27 schools. ASK designed, developed and implemented a number of professional development workshops supported by an intensive on-site support component in all targeted schools, to develop a common understanding of a high quality learning environment, and how to best utilize their available resources to respond to students’ specific educational needs. These workshops, implemented by ASK’s Expert Trainers/Coaches, aimed to enable and build the capacity of the school community members to effectively utilize the resources available, and enhance students’ learning environments. ASK’s workshops and on-site support were conducted in the schools, offering practical and authentic opportunities for the school community to intrinsically adopt the new practices and behaviors, sustaining the impact of the intervention beyond the lifespan of the project.

Throughout the implementation of the project, ASK played a vital role in empowering and enabling educators, principals, counselors and teachers with the necessary competencies, techniques, and procedures to effectively adapt to modern learning facilities, and to create more engaging and productive learning environments. ASK’s presence in these schools gave ASK a direct insight into the day-to-day real challenges and opportunities encountered by the school community members in these new schools and ASK’s consultants were able to provide specific feedback and guidance to improve educators’ performance in handling all challenges.