Transformation of Existing Training Course Fundamental in Injectable Dosage Form into an elearning course


The Injectables online course (eLearning) implemented for Hikma Pharmaceuticals aims to introduce Hikma’s technical staff to the fundamentals of “Injectables” through a comprehensive eLearning interactive program developed by ASK.The content is fully narrated and augmented with short quizzes at the end of each module to enrich learners’ knowledge and establish a solid understanding of the presented material.

ASK’s team of Instructional Designers, Education Consultants, Graphics Designers, Online Course developers and Quality Assurance Experts played a significant role in analyzing, designing, developing, and implementing the eLearning programs to achieve the project’s objectives and implement all activities with the highest quality stemming from ASK’s extensive and specialized expertise in eLearning and capacity building programs. The project implementation included; 1. Content Digitizing and instructional design and 2. Implementation and Quality Assurance. ASK designed the User Interface (UI) and developed the program using the latest technologies that is compatible with the client Learning Management System (LMS).

The eLearning program increased Hikma’s staff knowledge and skills and ensured the delivery of information to all staff in an efficient and effective manner to save as much as possible of the employee’s time and effort. The eLearning program promoted self-learning and allowed for the availability of information where staff can refer back to it at any point. Overall, the program promoted the use of eLearning tools for staff training at Hikma Pharmaceuticals.