Hope: “Unleashing Prosperous Futures of Syrian Youth in Al Za’ateri Refugee Camp”


“Hope” a comprehensive youth capacity building program,  awarded by Drosos Foundation, targets Syrian youth residing in the refugee camp of Al Za’ateri in the North of Jordan, between the ages of 15 to 18. It integrates Psychosocial and soft skills development in an innovative manner for the first time in Jordan and across the MENA region and aims to give hope to youth, shift their outlook on life, and develop their sense of self-confidence. The project seeks to provide Syrian refugee youth with better future opportunities through the provision of an enhanced access to the labor market which will open new horizons and provide new perspectives.

The program consists of 4 main pillars; Enabling, Empowering, Engaging and Sustaining. The program offers coaching and monitoring for the graduated participants in order to sustain the outcomes achieved in the program and build on it further. The program implementation includes;

  1. Training of the trainer (ToT),
  2. Professional development workshops,
  3. Coaching and mentoring and
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation.