T4edu Math and Science Blended Professional Development Program


“T4edu Math and Science Program” a Pearson project  for the Saudi Ministry of Education targeting 589 Saudi math and science Master Trainers, implemented by ASK and indirectly impacted +100,000 Saudi math and science teachers across Saudi Arabia. The objective of the program was to enhance the capacity of 589 math and science Master Trainers, and build Saudi teachers’ pedagogical, innovative, facilitation and training skills in addition to their knowledge in the fields of mathematics and science so they in turn are able to implement a similar training program to more than 100,000 Saudi math and science teachers across the country.

ASK was responsible for implementing the professional development ToT program as well as providing coaching and mentoring. ASK’s Expert Training Consultants provided impactful and innovative training services for the program’s three phases: Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced phases. ASK successfully delivered Face to Face training workshops focused on various topics such as modern teaching pedagogies, learning by doing, project based teaching, coaching and facilitation in a way that facilitates student engagement. Additionally, ASK provided the necessary online support to give feedback and support to the Master Trainers.

 ASK implemented monitoring and evaluation services throughout the program to effectively evaluate the ToT program, online support activities and assignments completed by the Master Trainers and measure their progress.

This program had a wide impact on 589 Saudi math and science Master Trainers directly and +100,000 math and science teachers indirectly. The program majorly increased the knowledge and skills of the Saudi teachers and equipped them with the necessary capabilities to transfer this training to teachers across the country. This in turn had a remarkable impact on students’ performance and understanding of math and science.