Supporting MoE – Jordan’s Reform Agenda

2011 - 2012

ASK completed “Supporting MOE – Jordan’s Reform Agenda” project for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) targeting Ministry of Education’s officials and their partners for the goal of enhancing the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Education personnel and developing a national operational plan for teachers’ Professional Development Framework.

ASK provided high-level consulting services to the Ministry of Education where it was involved in developing a full comprehensive national “Induction Program” for teachers, and drafting recommendations for revising the teacher career structure, as well as building on the one currently under review at the Ministry of Education. ASK also provided technical expertise in developing performance standards for principals and supervisors, and assisted in the development of indicators linked to these standards. ASK furthermore led the design of a specialized “Induction training” for the Arabic language, which was implemented for Arabic language teachers across Jordan. ASK also participated in the development of a transition strategy that will enable the Ministry to adopt the ERSP’s standards and roll them out as national professional development programs.

The project had a large impact on Jordan’s Reform Agenda especially in institutionalizing improved PD systems, linking educational standards with professional development, establishing certification and accreditation policies and practices, recognizing and publicizing good teaching, implementing the Arabic Language Subject Matter Induction Program and developing Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (principals, supervisors and assistants).