Provision of Training packages for Teachers in NRC Learning Centers in Za’atari, EJC, and Azraq Refugee Camps


ASK successfully concluded the implementation of “Training Package for Teachers in Za’atari, EJC and Azraq Refugee Camps” project for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NRC) which targeted Za’atari, EJC and Azraq Refugee Camps in Jordan. The goal of the project was to support and empower Syrian teachers and NRC education staff to provide high quality fast tracked catch-up education to Syrian students, who have been outside of the formal education system for a protracted period of time. Thus, ultimately enabling Syrian children to rejoin formal education at the appropriate grade level. This project aimed to ensure that children had an equal chance at education, redirecting their feelings, thoughts, and ambitions from the extreme conditions they have been experiencing in the last period.

ASK’s team of experts designed, developed, and implemented the training program in Arabic, tailored to the psychological and physical needs of the Syrian refugees, while utilizing international best practices as a cornerstone of the training program. This was followed by on-site support visits inside the camps to ensure that the project goals were achieved and sustained effectively.

The project had a significant impact on Syrian teachers and NRC education staff in terms of building their competences in planning and modern teaching strategies in Za’atari, EJC and Azraq Refugee Camps. This program enabled teachers to provide high quality catch-up education to Syrian students.