Private Schools

2017 - 2019

ASK carried out a number of Professional Development Programs especially tailored for Arabic Language, Islamic Education and Social Studies Teachers and Heads of Departments at diverse private schools, some of which include Rawafed Private School, GEMS World Academy, American International School and International Community School. The underlying objective of the programs is to utilize student-centered learning strategies while employing ICT tools and formative assessment tools as well as to develop the competencies of Arabic Language, Islamic Education and Social Studies teachers and HoD’s in using modern pedagogies in teaching Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies.
ASK ensured that the content of each program is customized to meet beneficiaries’ needs while utilizing the latest and best global practices. Each school program differed in its content depending on the target audience. ASK’s team of Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists implemented needs assessments as well as pre and post assessment tools to identify participants’ competencies at the beginning and at the end of the PD programs and measured their progress. Following that, ASK tailored the content in a holistic manner that addressed the technical, cognitive, and emotional components. ASK’s consultants implemented highly intensive training workshops to meet each project objectives. All training workshops executed emphasized active learning. ASK‘s educational consultants conducted classroom visits for teachers to provide the necessary feedback and coaching.
The impact of the programs was significant on teachers in terms of them utilizing modern teaching methods that contribute to the development and enhancement of students’ attitudes towards Arabic, Islamic and Social studies. This promoted the importance of those subjects for both parents and students alike which resulted in a positive impact on Irtiqa’a results in those areas for the schools.