Preserving our School’s Property (PSP)

2015 - 2016

ASK successfully completed “PSP” Program – Phases 1,2” for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. ASK provided a comprehensive capacity building program for schools with poor infrastructure across the country. The project aimed to empower and enable students, school leaders, and school community members with positive attitudes, needed skills, and knowledge to enhance their sense of ownership and commitment towards their schools’ physical environments, and develop their contribution to the schools’ continuous improvement and preservation.

ASK ensured its capacity building program was customized according to the needs of the clients, and the beneficiaries’ existing culture to ensure achieving program goals effectively. Moreover, ASK’s team of Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists ensured that the impact of the program was measured and analyzed using different performance measures, and pre, post and ongoing assessments of the program. Finally,  ASK’s certified and highly qualified Expert Trainers/Coaches conducted the professional development workshops and on-site support activities through a ‘behavior change’ approach, which focused on enhancing beneficiaries’ attitudes towards their schools.

The impact was witnessed across schools in Jordan which were renovated and rehabilitated with improved infrastructure and overall learning environments. Due to the program’s hands-on interactive workshops and on-site support, students, teachers, counselors, principals, and parents learned how to better utilize and preserve the newly renovated and rehabilitated schools. The program raised students’ sense of belonging and responsibility towards their school environment.