Learning Environment: Improved Infrastructure Program (LEIIP)


“LEIIP” implemented by ASK for the Unites States Agency for International Development (USAID) aims to increase students’ access to an improved school environment that responds to the ERfKE II initiative, and to provide youth access to enhanced classrooms, sports and activity facilities.

ASK provided specialized expertise throughout the implementation of the project including the needed educational advice and consultation, defining public school needs, contributing to schools selections based on previously established criteria, reviewing recent studies on public schools, identifying challenges and developing recommendations. Additionally, ASK coordinated with MOE, USAID and stakeholders, obtained required data and information necessary to complete the Architecture/Engineering designs, and facilitated the needed workshops, all content and related materials.

The project created a large impact on the target schools and students in Jordan in the sense of improving student well-being and school achievement through improving the physical infrastructure of the learning environment. The project also contributed to improving circulation and function, improved sanitary facilities, improved school systems, provision of furniture that has major positive impact on teacher/student performance, enhancement of the school image and improved compliance with local and safety standards.