Jordan Schools Expansion Project (JSEP)


ASK implemented “JSEP” for the Unites States Agency for International Development (USAID) where 150 selected MOE schools were renovated according to criteria that served in achieving the overall results under the Learning Environment program. The goal of this project was to increase students’ access to improved and safe learning environments.

ASK provided educational advice and consultation to improve: the functionality of schools, the schools image and the compliance of the selected schools with the local accessibility and safety standards. ASK coordinated and communicated with MOE, field directorate and schools and facilitated the needed workshops to support the project’s objective. Furthermore, ASK contributed to the school selection and developed the impact reports and presentations throughout the implementation period.

The project created a large impact on students’ access to a conducive environment for learning while reducing overcrowding in existing classrooms, reducing double-shifted schools, providing the capacity to respond to increased enrollment rates as well as providing better opportunities for youth and encouraging teamwork, creative thinking and community involvement.