Entrepreneurial Skills and Employment – Work Readiness Skills Program


In cooperation with SPARK, the Netherlands, ASK implemented a pioneer project in Jordan “Entrepreneurial Skills and Employment – Work Readiness Skills Program”, which aimed to build the capacity of Jordanian university graduates and enhance their opportunities to join the labor market. The program targeted the development of their “Work Ready Skills” and facilitate their seamless transition into the labor market and to contribute to the country overall development and creating jobs for the university graduates.

The program included both: critical topics that contributes to the development of students’ competencies such as: communication skills, team building skills as well as entrepreneurial skills, problem-solving, and labor market awareness skills. The program targeted 200 university graduates students from the university of Jordan and Petra university in their final academic year. The online training program was implemented over a period of 4 weeks using Zoom technologies with distinguished level of interactivity that contributed to the program overall success and the satisfaction of the participants. Beside the online training workshops the program included 100 online coaching hours, aimed to strengthen the outcomes of the workshops by providing one to one coaching support which was highly appreciated by the participants.

ASK followed “GROW coaching model” (Goals, Reality, Options, Will) which helped the coach to take participants from goal setting to exploring where they are now in relation to their goals, as well as exploring options they have in moving forward and based on the above concluded with a commitment to actions tailored to each participant. This model utilized the latest success practices in coaching techniques and assisted the participants in creating a learning environment where the participants learnt from each other’s experiences and jointly developed tailored support for each participant based on their strengths and weaknesses.