Developing Core Curriculum Training Program for School Principals – Advanced Level

2016 - 2018

ASK implemented Developing Core Curriculum Training Program for Principals- advanced level: Phase 1 and 2″ which targeted all school principals in Qatar. The project aimed at providing a comprehensive capacity building program for school principals to develop and enhance their professional capabilities and strengthen their leadership capacities, subsequently providing a viable basis for sustainable future development in Qatar and fulfilling Qatar’s 2030 National Vision.

ASK’s Instructional Designers designed and developed the content of the program to include two vital components; training workshops and on-site support. The professional development workshops focused on providing appropriate, practical and unique training for schools’ leaders in order to develop their leadership skills, effective communication with students and parents, maximizing student achievement, and supporting the improvement of teachers’ performance to create a new community of leaders of change who exchange their knowledge and experience to further develop the country. ASK‘s consultants also provided on-site support for principals through one-on-one coaching, providing feedback on strategic plans, and collaboratively solving challenges to advance their leadership skills. The program included an innovative aspect of a virtual visit to a role model school that succeeded globally.

 This program impact extended to school principals in Qatar and refined their leadership skills in accordance with the National Professional Standards for Leaders so they can become more effective at their schools, their community, and further serve their country. This in turn significantly improved student achievement and progress at the perspective schools.