Curriculum Training For Arabic Language Coordinators – “Writing Standards” Program


ASK completed the implementation of “Writing Standards Program” for the Department of Education and knowledge (ADEK) in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra. The project aimed to enhance the competencies of Arabic language coordinators on two main levels. First, in terms of enabling them to effectively implement ADEK’s writing standards, and secondly, to enable them with the necessary basic training tools to be able to conduct the same training for Arabic teachers.

ASK’s Instructional Designers designed and developed the content for the program based on ADEK’s writing standards, relevant for students in cycle 2 and cycle 3 in Abu Dhabi schools. The content was culturally sensitive, designed to meet beneficiaries’ needs, whilst benchmarked to international standards. The components of the program were implemented by ASK’s highly qualified Expert Trainers/Coaches.

At the end of the program, coordinators were able to effectively employ modern teaching strategies and utilize available resources to achieve ADEK’s writing standards. Moreover, they had practical and authentic learning opportunities, enabling them to intrinsically adopt the new attitudes, skills and knowledge, and translate them into new behaviors and practices related to advancing students’ Arabic writing skills. Coordinators also learned mentoring and leadership skills that enabled them to transfer the training onto Arabic teachers.