Consultancy Services and Training for My Identity Program – Phase 3


“My Identity” was developed and implemented by ASK for the Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) targeting all 196 private schools in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra in the UAE in addition to 569 principals, subject leaders and teachers. The project aimed at promoting and enhancing the Emirati national identity among private school students to create the aspired impact.

ASK worked on the development and implementation of the professional development workshops in addition to a comprehensive updating of the existing “My Identity” Framework. ASK was also responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive school observation and assessment tool that was used to capture the schools’ main practices and progress in promoting national identity. All 197 private schools in Abu Dhabi Emirate were assessed and visited by ASK, the results of this assessment was shared back with the client and the schools were supported in enhancing their good practices and learning from each others.

“My Identity” strengthened the national identity of Emirati students and contributed in preparing a culturally conscious generation that prides itself on its identity and manifests values of loyalty and good citizenship to be able to face all future challenges. Additionally, the project increased the appreciation and respect of national identity among expatriate students residing in the UAE and contributed in constructing a consolidated UAE society that maintains its identity.