Capacity Building Program including a Study Trip to the Netherlands for exceptional Emirati Teachers

2016 - 2017

ASK implemented the Capacity Building Program – Exposure visit to the Netherlands for exceptional Emirati Teachers – Phase 1 and 2 for the UAE Ministry of Education partnered with GEMS Education for the goal of offering introduction to the best educational experiences, practices and programs in the Netherlands that contribute to the country’s high student ranking, and to inspire further innovation and consider the applicability of such programs and practices in the UAE.
 ASK’s expert team focused on building a learning community around innovative education as the teachers connected with forward thinking leaders from schools, government, and non-profit organizations. ASK implemented the program through 2 main pillars, the first is Design and Implementation, the second is Reporting and Reflection. ASK’s expert team organized visits to top schools, universities and different types of educational institutions across the Netherlands while including days for recreational activities with tailored focus on what complies with UAE traditions. A key component of the program was building in reflection sessions for participants so they can reflect on their practices in the UAE and the ones they witness in the Netherlands to allow them to build a solid understanding of how to further advance their classroom practices.
 The significant impact was noticeable on teachers who were engaged in this intensive and robust Continuous Professional Development Program. This program brought about positive reinforcements for exceptional teachers through recognizing and awarding them to further encourage teaching as a profession of choice as well as provide them with the necessary tools to apply excellent educational and innovative practices in UAE classrooms while building communities of practice.