Active Leaders for Women’s Advancement In The Near East’ (ALWANE)


ASK concluded “ALWANE” Program for the Women Campaign International targeting 16 Arab countries with more than 300 participating men and women, politicians, civil society leaders, academics, activists, experts and youth. The goal of the program was to create advocacy and leadership groups that can influence policy makers and policies in participants’ home countries to further support women leadership in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

ASK designed and implemented an innovative professional development mentorship program for “ALWANE” at three regional events in Dubai, Amman and Tunis. It also provided a continuous online-support system for all participants. The program developed by ASK allowed for each group to define their own vision, understand the role of women in their communities, and tailor the program learnings to achieve their objective of advancing women in these communities.

The program was successful in enabling the selected female and male participants with the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge to develop effective mentoring relationships and advocate for their cause in advancing women’s leadership status in their respective home countries. The program promoted social progress, gender equality, and the advancement of women leadership in the MENA region in addition to raising awareness, creating a platform for dialogue, advocating for change, and influencing national, regional, and international policies affecting women’s participation and leadership in society.